Keynote Speakers/主讲嘉宾

Keynote Speakers/主讲嘉宾

Keynote Speeches


Prof. Cong Wang, Dept. of Physics, Beihang University, China (click)

王聪教授   北京航空航天大学 物理学院

Title: Magnetovolume and Baromagnetic effects in antiperovskite Mn3XN(C) compounds

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Assoc. Prof. Ching Yern Chee, Chemical Engineering, University of Malaya, Malaysia (click)

Title: Nanocellulose Reinforced Biopolymer Based Hydrogel for Drug Loading and Delivery

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Oral Speeches


Jian Li, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Title: Combining Box Counting-dimension with a Fuzzy Synthetic Evaluation Model Based Quantitative Evaluation on Soil and Water Erosion of Lake Dianchi Basin, China

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Xiuying Hu, ShanDong JiaoTong University, China

胡秀颖  山东交通学院

Title: Fibrillar structure development of polyacrylonitrile fibers treated by ultrasonic etching in oxidative stabilization

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Xin Zhang, Tsinghua University, China

张欣  清华大学

Title: Polishing behavior of PS/SiO2 Core-Shell nanoparticles with different shell thickness on fused silica Chemical Mechanical Polishing

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